An Interview with Merriam

Merriam Joan Handy (often humorously shortened to Merry I AM) is a lifetime LightLover / LightSharer / LIghtServer / LightPlayer/ and Light Teacher and Guide. She is a Minister and Teacher of Higher Spiritualism and the Teachings of the Great Ascended Masters of Shamballa and beyond and known around the world as a Master Teacher for Evolving Masters.

Rev. Merriam was fully ordained in 1993 after graduating from a three year training program at the non-denominational Spiritualist Church known as Fellowships of the Spirit and their School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in LilyDale, NY.  During those 3 years, every 3 day weekend class each month, included being trained by the many and different, top mediums and healers from around the world, which provided Merriam with a very broad spectrum of Metaphysical understandings and how to apply them in daily life.

In 1997, Rev. Merriam was voted Teacher of the Year at Broome Community College after providing 36 Metaphysical/Spiritual classes over a 12 year period.  Today, her degrees include a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Metaphysics, and as MJ describes it, a "been there, done that, worn that T-Shirt Doctorate of Life Degree."  She is certified as a Corporate Trainer from Johnson and Wales University, as a Master in Hypnotherapy, and is trained in Pastoral Psychology regarding relationships and marriages, Grief, Stress, and Conflict Counseling.

She is a previous columnist and author, area Toastmaster Area winner, certified in Neurolinguistics Programming and Other Than Conscious Communication.

Rev. Merriam is now available as a Personal Cosmic Coach to clear your negative memories and energies and develop your inherent Divine gifts, as well as a Keynote Speaker (nicknamed the Joy Lady) and an "Info-Shops" Trainer, bringing forth joyful presentations on the Awakening of Humanity into the Golden Age. Awake to sleep no more.

Here in Florida for the past 20+ years, she has been on the forefront of higher consciousness awakening, sharing her Divinely guided knowledge with thousands of students as a true Avatar of Light and Love and Divine Truths.