"I met Rev. Merriam Joan Handy in 2014. Since then, she has been a catalyst for my accelerated spiritual evolution. Meeting Rev Merriam, and my exposure to the spiritual experiences to which she introduced me, changed the trajectory of my life for my highest and best. Rev. Merriam is a highly gifted medium and healer, and an impassioned and skillful instructor of mediumship and healing. One of the ways that she shines her Light is by teaching others how to shine their own Lights brighter and further abroad. She has generously shared her gifts with me in ways that have enabled me to develop my own spiritual gifts. I recently had the opportunity to witness her channeling multiple Lady Masters in one channeling session. It was a marathon of a channeling session full of Truth and Light and Fun. I will always be grateful that Rev. Merriam is in my life."

Sue W.

"Happy belated birthday Merriam!!! So happy we met so many years ago. Still doing Reiki thanks to you. Also your predictions for me were certainly proven to be true!! Best of health and happiness to you!!"

Donna D.

July, 2016

Hi my name is Raven M. I'm a reiki practitioner who recently took a mediumship class with Merriam. It's been almost 3 weeks and although I'm still integrating all the new information I'm so happy with the results thus far!

My meditations and visualizations have improved drastically and it has been so much easier to understand intuitive messages I receive during my healing work with clients as well as myself.

Merriam was able to help me connect with myself and my guides in a way that I hadn't been before. By providing step by step exercises, as well as helpful tips, and loving guidance, Merriam's teaching style was incredibly easy to connect with and embrace.

I have opened up to a better connection with the Universe and things that were stuck before have now begun to fall into place. I'm so grateful that Merriam showed up in my life when she did and I look forward to continuing my sessions with her. I hope that my words inspire you to have your own experience with Merriam!

Raven M.

"The first time I met the Reverend Merriam Joan Handy was on November 9th, 2014.  That Sunday, I started off with no intention of taking the class that was offered at the Metaphysical Chapel later that day.  But when Rev Merriam stood up in church to tell us what the course was about, I felt called to be there."

The class was whimsically entitled "Clearing The Crap".  But there was nothing whimsical about the course objective of learning a safe, practical, and effective technique for clearing negative energies from past-life, present-life, and present moment memories and situations.  This lady is totally serious about soul development.  On the other hand, there was plenty that was whimsical in her engaging, energetic, and often humorous teaching style.

I sat and soaked up every word in that class, and I've not missed a class she has taught at the Metaphysical Chapel since then.  There have been three more, and they have all been equally profound.

There are things I am learning from Rev. Merriam that are life-changing. She is facilitating my move to the fast track in my soul growth and my realization of my soul's purpose. Not only in her formal classes, but in her websites, in our personal communications, she imparts the wisdom of the ages translated into language easily understood and easily manifested into action for present day light workers.

She generously gives of her personal time and energy to help her students along their paths. She recently guided me on a meditation that was transformative. She helped me to identify and communicate with my guides, and to accelerate the development of my fledgling mediumship skills.  With her help, I don't believe my skills will stay at the fledgling level for long. We already have my next session planned, and I am excited.

If you ever have a chance to take a class or attend an event that involves teaching and guidance by the Reverend Merriam Joan Handy, you will not want to miss the opportunity.  My advice is to sign up and go for it! You will be grateful that you did it.

Sue W.