64x63OmtransRev. Merriam has a busy lecture schedule which has her traveling much of the time.

These materials have been used to supplement her presentations, or are transcriptions or recordings of her presentations.

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Believe or Not to Believe - Audio Recording and PDF Guide - Instant Download.

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violet flame

Web Intro to Clearing the Crap PDF; Clearing the Crap Audio Recordings (Part 1, 2 and 3); Clearing the Crap PDFs, (Part 1, 2 and ); Running the Bases PDF's. Instant Download.

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jesus blue eyes

2 Audio Recordings - Palm Sunday Meditation and Sermon about Jesus - Instant Download.


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heart mind crystal palace within
  1. How to Consciously Breathe to maintain health and to prepare for meditation, mediumship, and healing moments.
  2. How to Reach a Deep Alpha Trance State in a quick fashion by using NLP Anchors.
  3. How to Properly Pray to a Achieve Your Desires.
  4. How to Become Your Own Conscious Observer.
  5. How to Love God.
  6. How to Love Yourself.
  7. How to effectively Learn to Allow.
  8. How to Secure and Protect Yourself from dark energies.
  9. How to Effectively Use the Sacred Violet Flame.

Audio Recordings - Instant Download

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wind beneath my wings

Wind Beneath My Wings – 2 Audio Recordings – Meditation and Sermon – Instant Download